Colbert slams Trump’s budget for slashing programs that benefit his supporters

"So he’s cutting SNAP and CHIP, to which America’s children replied, ‘STOP!’ and ‘HELP!’”

Stephen Colbert mocks Trump for ‘sword-flopping’ his way through the Middle...

“Not everyone looked that comfortable at the party. Here’s Steve Bannon realizing these aren’t the kind of men in white robes he’s used to.”

Stephen Colbert laments the ‘steaming pile of consequences’ that is the...

“There’s a huge scandal out of the White House — no, not that scandal, or the one before that, or the one tomorrow. Although technically they’re all part of one big scandal stroganoff.”


Seth Meyers checks in on Trump’s swamp-draining

"It seems a more accurate three-word campaign promise would have been 'Run! Swamp monsters!'"

Seth Meyers looks at Trump’s wild trip abroad so far

“It’s like when you were in school and your bully was out with the flu."

Seth Meyers reacts to ‘corrupt’ Trump’s Comey memo bombshell

“Trump is harming his presidency so much I wouldn’t be surprised if he was throwing it because he has money on his own impeachment.”

Seth Meyers declares Trump ‘deeply unfit’ to be president

On Monday, we learned that then-President Obama warned Trump not to hire former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. On Tuesday, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey—which Comey found out about on TV. On Wednesday, he met in the Oval Office with Russian diplomats, including an accused Russian spy. On Thursday, he admitted that he fired Comey specifically because of the Russian investigation. On Friday, he threatened Comey with secret tapes of their conversations. On Saturday, the Justice Department began interviewing new candidates for FBI director. Yesterday, we learned that Trump gave the Russians highly classified information. And today, we learned that Trump asked Comey to shut down the FBI’s investigation into Flynn.And, if you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Sunday, that was Mother’s Day, so obviously Trump was doing what all normal husbands do: spending the day alone on a golf course in a different state.


Trevor Noah knew the Russians were enjoying that Oval Office visit...

"There are only two times a Russian man smiles: the day he dies, and this."

Trevor Noah rips Trump for meeting with Russians despite investigation

“If there’s one person you don’t want any more ties to, it’s this guy. He is the kiss of death. But as we all know, no one tells Donald Trump who he can kiss.”

Trevor Noah says Comey firing is further proof Trump is an...

"People, I'm not going to sugar-coat this — this is bad for democracy."

Watch all the clips cut for time from Colbert’s ‘Daily Show’...

"I just remember you coming into my office and telling me, 'Hang your soul up at the door...And have a cocktail.'"