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Once again, late night hosts respond to mass shooting, call for change after Las Vegas tragedy

"Doing nothing is cowardice. Doing something will take courage."

James Corden reacts to Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ speech to United Nations

"You can't call someone Rocket Man in the same speech you're threatening to launch rockets. That makes you both Rocket Men. You're all Rocket Men!"

James Corden has a field day with Ted Cruz’s porn tweet

"It's crazy that this is the first time Ted Cruz has been caught looking at porn, because in every single photo of Ted Cruz, he looks like he just got caught looking at porn."

James Corden performs a musical takedown of Trump’s trans military ban

L - He doesn't care for Lesbians. G - He thinks two men should just be friends, B - To his dumb knowledge is just a phase in college, T - He finds confusing so the army is now refusing...

James Corden sends Trump 297 copies of ‘Philadelphia’ after 6 members quit his HIV/AIDS council

"Maybe that's the problem. Maybe Donald Trump doesn't care because he's never seen Philadelphia."

James Corden premieres Donald: The Musical with Tim Minchin, Ben Platt, Abigail Spencer

On Monday's Late Late Show, James Corden premiered Donald: The Musical with a parody of "When I Grow Up," from Matilda.

Colbert, Kimmel, Corden, Conan and more react to Oscars chaos

Colbert: “It should’ve been a great moment for African-Americans, but there’s always a catch. ‘Here’s your Oscar, but some white folks get to touch it first.’"

James Corden has a basket of jokes about Hillary Clinton’s latest gaffe

On Monday's Late Late Show, James Corden had a basket of jokes for Hillary Clinton after her comments about Trump's supporters. Clinton said at...

James Corden mocks Anthony Weiner and the VMAs in Monday’s monologue

James Corden mocked Anthony Weiner on Monday's Late Late Show after the former New York congressman was caught sending sexual texts to yet another...

James Corden and Denis Leary sing ‘Trump’s an Asshole’ dressed as the Clintons

"He won't show his taxes. He won't even try. He's kicking out babies when they start to cry. While wearing a red, white and blue Chinese tie. Why? Because Trump's an asshole! He's an asshole! What an asshole! He's the world's biggest asshole."

James Corden gets ‘shucky ducky’ with these election jokes

On Wednesday's Late Late Show, James Corden imagined a romantic comedy with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and reacted to Herman Cain's return to...

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Colbert, Meyers, Noah mock Trump for claiming he would run in to face shooter

“O.K. There’s a lot in there that I doubt, but the part I really don’t believe is that he can run."

Colbert, Noah, Kimmel slam conservatives for attacking Parkland shooting survivors

"Do you really think these kids, these teenagers who spoke out after a shooting at their school are actors who are part of some kind of deep state, left wing conspiracy? If the answer is, "Yes, I do believe that," I have some bad news for you. You're crazy. You are a crazy person. Your brain is not functioning, and I’m worried about you.” - Jimmy Kimmel

Parkland students school Jordan Klepper on the “right time” to talk about gun reform

“We’re trying to decrease the magic of being bought out by interest groups. We’re trying to make that the badge of shame. Ultimately the NRA is what is letting these things happen. They are funding these politicians; they are giving them millions and millions of dollars and we want that to be known."

Late night hosts return to discuss Parkland shooting, applaud students for fighting gun lobby

“I hope these kids don’t give up, because this is their lives and their future. Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them."