Saturday, September 22, 2018

Full Frontal

Samantha Bee gives impassioned plea for gun control with help from a gospel choir

"Thank God there was a good guy nearby, but Devin Kelley still shot nearly every person in that church. In our country today, a lot more good guys are getting stopped by guns—not to mention good women, good children, good grandparents, good teachers, good country fans, and good Christians. We'll never eliminate gun violence from our society but there are practical steps we can take to slow it down. We just need Congress to step up. America appreciates your thoughts and prayers, but we need more than that. So, while you all are praying for God's help, all we can do is pray for yours."

Samantha Bee attacked Harvey Weinstein, all men like him

"The stories emerging from the actual victims paint a real picture of Harvey Weinstein. Specifically, a Hieronymus Bosch picture."

Samantha Bee has a message for all the men with penises out there

"Fellas, I'm a big comedy star/Hollywood executive and I've found that it's quite easy not to masturbate in front of my employees."

Samantha Bee exposes Fox News’ hypocrisy on NFL ‘oppressed’ millionaires comments

“If anyone knows about treating soldiers and first responders with respect, it's the guy who decided to fire transgender troops and deport paramedics who happened to be DREAMers."

‘F—k you’: Samantha Bee reacts to Trump’s trans military ban

“Firing thousands of active duty service members in the middle of the big push against ISIS was Trump’s version of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ He didn’t ask anyone and he didn’t tell anyone he was going to do it.”

Samantha Bee blasts Senate Republicans for proposed cuts to Medicaid

"Basically it's like telling your kid, 'We were planning on buying you new clothes as you got older, but instead we'll just have you wear the same onesie until you're 53.'"

Samantha Bee laments the death of all the words Trump has killed

"He had the best words, and he took them and hid them.”

Samantha Bee defends Kamala Harris after Jeff Sessions questioning

“You have to understand that about a third of Jeff’s RAM is dedicated to not saying the ‘n-word,’ which just slows the whole system down."

Samantha Bee mocks the media over ‘covfefe’ circus

“Trump is right, he really does have the best words!”

Samantha Bee calls out Trump for ‘clusterf*ck of impulsiveness’ in firing James Comey

“Newsflash! Most of us love our democratic norms more than we hate the other team, President Dingdong!"

Must Read

Colbert, Meyers, Noah mock Trump for claiming he would run in to face shooter

“O.K. There’s a lot in there that I doubt, but the part I really don’t believe is that he can run."

Colbert, Noah, Kimmel slam conservatives for attacking Parkland shooting survivors

"Do you really think these kids, these teenagers who spoke out after a shooting at their school are actors who are part of some kind of deep state, left wing conspiracy? If the answer is, "Yes, I do believe that," I have some bad news for you. You're crazy. You are a crazy person. Your brain is not functioning, and I’m worried about you.” - Jimmy Kimmel

Parkland students school Jordan Klepper on the “right time” to talk about gun reform

“We’re trying to decrease the magic of being bought out by interest groups. We’re trying to make that the badge of shame. Ultimately the NRA is what is letting these things happen. They are funding these politicians; they are giving them millions and millions of dollars and we want that to be known."

Late night hosts return to discuss Parkland shooting, applaud students for fighting gun lobby

“I hope these kids don’t give up, because this is their lives and their future. Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them."