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SNL takes on Hollywood sexual harassment with Oscars parody ‘The Grabbies’

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This awards season has been defined by #MeToo activism, and with the Oscars tonight, sexual harassment will surely be a hot red carpet talking point. On this week’s SNL, the show took on Hollywood assault with an Oscars parody called The Grabbies.

Cecily Strong played a red carpet interviewer talking to Hollywood men about their nominations for awards like Handsiest Actor, Best Animated Grope, Worst Thing Done to a Plant and the Cecil B. Molestin’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

One actor played by Pete Davidson previewed his acceptance speech. “Well, first, I’d like to thank guns for pivoting the national conversation away from harassment. I’d also like to thank my uncle for always saying, ‘Boys will be boys.’ Even when it was, like, O.J.”

In the cold open, Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump to mock the president’s latest discussion on gun violence. “Tonight I am here to bring you a message of healing and a show of unity,” he said, looking at his notes. “I hear you and I care. Rent ‘Lego Ninjago Movie.’ Sorry, Eric scribbled some notes on there, too.”

In Weekend Update, Cecily Strong appeared as Hope Hicks, Trump’s recently departed communications director. Strong’s Hicks told Colin Jost working in the White House was like summer camp. “You make all these new friends,” she explained. “You barely get any sleep and then everybody leaves after eight weeks.”

SNL took on the gun control debate in a pretty disgusting way this week, with a parody commercial featuring Charles Barkley as an exterminator who trains cockroaches to be “good cockroaches with guns” and kill off all the bugs in your house.

After Fox News’ Laura Ingraham criticized LeBron James and Kevin Durant for voicing their political opinions by saying “shut up and dribble,” Barkley used his monologue to voice support for his fellow athletes. “I’ve been saying whatever the hell I want for 30 years, and I’m doing great.”

Colbert, Meyers, Noah mock Trump for claiming he would run in to face shooter

noah parkland shooter trump

While the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL was taking place, an armed deputy stayed outside the school instead of running in to confront the attacker. President Trump has now claimed he would have run in, armed or not.

On Monday’s late night shows, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noah mocked Trump for claiming he would run in to confront the school shooter. And they all had jokes about “running.”

“O.K. There’s a lot in there that I doubt, but the part I really don’t believe is that he can run,” Colbert joked on the Late Show.

“Look, sir, we already know how you react to combat situations. You got five deferments from Vietnam. What are you gonna do, run in there and stab ’em with your bone spurs?”

“I gotta say, I find it hard to believe Trump would voluntarily run inside a place of education,” Seth Meyers said, on Late Night. “The only way you would run inside is if a reporter asked you a question outside.”

“Yo, when Trump ran for president, that was the first time he ran in his entire life,” Noah said on The Daily Show. “Really? Trump cares so much about helping people that he’d jump into the middle of a school shooting with nothing but his fun-sized fists?”

Colbert, Noah, Kimmel slam conservatives for attacking Parkland shooting survivors

parkland school shooting colbert noah kimmel

In the aftermath of the school shooting Parkland, FL last week, the students who survived the shooting have risen up to fight the gun lobby and call for gun reform in America. As a result, conservatives have risen up against these teenagers to try to silence them.

On Wednesday’s late night shows, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Jimmy Kimmel slammed conservatives for sharing conspiracy theories about the shooting and calling the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students liars.

On The Late Show, Colbert cued up clips of Stoneman high school students speaking out at a rally Wednesday as hundreds of students across the nation staged a walk out in support of gun reform. After the clips, Colbert looked up from his phone, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch all of that. I was reading on Twitter how all Millennials are lazy and entitled.”

“You’ve never seen gun advocates so desperate that they’d start attacking the victims of a mass shooting. And that’s the power of these teenagers,” Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show. “Which is why the NRA has decided to shift the conversation with some inspirational teenagers of their own.” He then showed a parody ad from the NRA showing how the gun lobby is reaching out to teens.

Jimmy Kimmel had some strong words for anyone who questions the validity of these students. “I have some bad news for you. You are crazy. You are a crazy person. Your brain is not functioning, and I’m worried about you.”

Parkland students school Jordan Klepper on the “right time” to talk about gun reform

klepper opposition parkland shooting

Two seniors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl appeared on The Opposition Tuesday to talk about gun reform, and Klepper stayed in character to grill them on their experience.

Carly Novell and Delaney Tarr told Klepper they want a “step in the right direction, something small” to kickstart gun reform.

“We are fighting for common sense gun laws,” Tarr said. “We want people to stop getting shot, we want children to stop dying…we are working toward common sense gun regulations.”

But as Klepper explained to them, the proper way we respond to mass shootings as Americans is that “we think, we pray, and then we move on.”

“As we have discovered, thoughts and prayers generally don’t protect you from gunfire,” Tarr responded. And she let Klepper know that the “right time” to talk about gun violence is “all the time.”

When Klepper offered the argument that teachers should be armed and metal detectors should be placed at all doors, Novell reacted, “That’s going to school in a prison and having teachers be your prison guards.”

“We’re trying to decrease the magic of being bought out by interest groups,” Tarr said. “We’re trying to make that the badge of shame. Ultimately the NRA is what is letting these things happen. They are funding these politicians; they are giving them millions and millions of dollars and we want that to be known. We want the names of those politicians, we want [people] to know how much each politician is taking.”

Late night hosts return to discuss Parkland shooting, applaud students for fighting gun lobby

parkland shooting colbert corden klepper noah

It’s now all too common for late night hosts to take a somber moment after a school shooting to send their thoughts and call for change, but as John Oliver pointed out on Sunday, the aftermath of the Parkland shooting feels different. This time, the surviving students are rising up and letting their voices be heard.

On Tuesday’s late night shows, Colbert, Noah, Corden, and Klepper returned from hiatus to discuss the aftermath of the shooting and praise the students who are calling for change.

“The adults aren’t cutting it anymore,” said Stephen Colbert on the Late Show. “I think we need to change the voting age. Until we do something about guns, you can’t vote if you’re over 18.”

“I hope these kids don’t give up, because this is their lives and their future. Someone else may be in power, but this country belongs to them. And there is reason for hope: Look at the #MeToo movement. A lot of men in power did not see that coming, but it proved that change can happen overnight. And this is an election year — so if you want to see change, you have to go to the polls and tell the people who will not protect you that their time is up.”

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah turned to Fox News to demonstrate the terrible ideas the right has for controlling school shooters, including arming teachers. Noah countered with some terrible ideas of his own.

“The problem is school shootings, right? So let’s just get rid of the schools,” Noah joked. “Stick with me, people. You can’t school-shoot without a school! Everyone gets home-schooled — that way, no one can shoot their friends. Because home-schooled kids don’t have any friends. Problem solved!”

“We’ve done this too many times,” said James Corden.

“Although these types of mass shootings have become normal in this country, they’re not normal at all for the rest of the planet,” Corden said, before listing countries with strict gun laws who have all but solved the problem of mass shootings.

Jordan Klepper took to The Opposition to give his usual parody of the GOP’s argument.

“We’ve seen this before. It’s when the Second Amendment is most under attack. An incident like this takes place, the libs say they want some common sense gun reform, but we all know they want to break into my bunker, steal all my bang bang toys, and smelt them down into Obamacare!”


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parkland school shooting colbert noah kimmel

Colbert, Noah, Kimmel slam conservatives for attacking Parkland shooting survivors

"Do you really think these kids, these teenagers who spoke out after a shooting at their school are actors who are part of some kind of deep state, left wing conspiracy? If the answer is, "Yes, I do believe that," I have some bad news for you. You're crazy. You are a crazy person. Your brain is not functioning, and I’m worried about you.” - Jimmy Kimmel

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