SNL takes on Hollywood sexual harassment with Oscars parody ‘The Grabbies’

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This awards season has been defined by #MeToo activism, and with the Oscars tonight, sexual harassment will surely be a hot red carpet talking point. On this week’s SNL, the show took on Hollywood assault with an Oscars parody called The Grabbies.

Cecily Strong played a red carpet interviewer talking to Hollywood men about their nominations for awards like Handsiest Actor, Best Animated Grope, Worst Thing Done to a Plant and the Cecil B. Molestin’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

One actor played by Pete Davidson previewed his acceptance speech. “Well, first, I’d like to thank guns for pivoting the national conversation away from harassment. I’d also like to thank my uncle for always saying, ‘Boys will be boys.’ Even when it was, like, O.J.”

In the cold open, Alec Baldwin returned as President Trump to mock the president’s latest discussion on gun violence. “Tonight I am here to bring you a message of healing and a show of unity,” he said, looking at his notes. “I hear you and I care. Rent ‘Lego Ninjago Movie.’ Sorry, Eric scribbled some notes on there, too.”

In Weekend Update, Cecily Strong appeared as Hope Hicks, Trump’s recently departed communications director. Strong’s Hicks told Colin Jost working in the White House was like summer camp. “You make all these new friends,” she explained. “You barely get any sleep and then everybody leaves after eight weeks.”

SNL took on the gun control debate in a pretty disgusting way this week, with a parody commercial featuring Charles Barkley as an exterminator who trains cockroaches to be “good cockroaches with guns” and kill off all the bugs in your house.

After Fox News’ Laura Ingraham criticized LeBron James and Kevin Durant for voicing their political opinions by saying “shut up and dribble,” Barkley used his monologue to voice support for his fellow athletes. “I’ve been saying whatever the hell I want for 30 years, and I’m doing great.”

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