Parkland students school Jordan Klepper on the “right time” to talk about gun reform

klepper opposition parkland shooting

Two seniors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl appeared on The Opposition Tuesday to talk about gun reform, and Klepper stayed in character to grill them on their experience.

Carly Novell and Delaney Tarr told Klepper they want a “step in the right direction, something small” to kickstart gun reform.

“We are fighting for common sense gun laws,” Tarr said. “We want people to stop getting shot, we want children to stop dying…we are working toward common sense gun regulations.”

But as Klepper explained to them, the proper way we respond to mass shootings as Americans is that “we think, we pray, and then we move on.”

“As we have discovered, thoughts and prayers generally don’t protect you from gunfire,” Tarr responded. And she let Klepper know that the “right time” to talk about gun violence is “all the time.”

When Klepper offered the argument that teachers should be armed and metal detectors should be placed at all doors, Novell reacted, “That’s going to school in a prison and having teachers be your prison guards.”

“We’re trying to decrease the magic of being bought out by interest groups,” Tarr said. “We’re trying to make that the badge of shame. Ultimately the NRA is what is letting these things happen. They are funding these politicians; they are giving them millions and millions of dollars and we want that to be known. We want the names of those politicians, we want [people] to know how much each politician is taking.”


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