John Oliver returns to slam Trump’s horrendous foreign policy

john oliver last week tonight foreign policy trump

Last Week Tonight has been on hiatus all winter, and John Oliver missed out on quite a bit of Trump news, so on Sunday night, he dedicated his main segment to the president’s foreign policy failures.

“America’s reputation overseas is under attack from its own president,” Oliver said during a segment called Trump vs. The World. In the segment, Oliver recapped Trump’s many foreign policy failures and showed how the president has tarnished America’s reputation in other parts of the world.

But Oliver has a message for the rest of the world. “Donald Trump does not reflect America,” Oliver said, before walking that claim back a little, “I mean, to be completely honest, he does reflect it a bit, but the point is America is not one thing. It’s a beautiful mess of contradictions where good and bad are mixed together.”

He then defended all the good and bad America has to offer.


  1. So good to see him again. He tells life as it is. What he said about 45 was bang on. If all of 45’s supporters would truly listen to this analogy of how messed up he is on foreign policy and for that matter domestic policy, they would be as scared as the rest of the world 🌍 is.

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