John Oliver praises Parkland survivors for standing up against the NRA

last week tonight john oliver parkland shooting

After the tragic shooting at a Parkland, FL high school last week left 17 dead, politicians fell back on their usual talking points, but as John Oliver pointed out on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, the aftermath of this shooting felt a little different, because the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had heard enough.

“When the ‘now’s not the time’ argument came out,” Oliver observed, “the kids from that school said, ’You know what? Yes, it fucking is.’”

Student Emma Gonzalez gave an impassioned speech at a gun control rally, saying, “They say that no laws could’ve been able to prevent the hundreds of senseless tragedies that have occurred. We call BS!”

“We call BS,” Oliver echoed. “It is a little ironic that the people who are acting with the most maturity in this horrifying situation aren’t even old enough to say the word ‘bullsh*t’ in front of their parents. Those kids have already announced a march next month, and in doing so they’re challenging adults to participate in a real conversation about gun violence.”

This students have already announced that they will lead the “March For Our Lives” on March 24, which will take place in cities across the US in hopes of pushing forward the conversation on gun violence.


    • I asked my grandkids that go to a large high school they’ve never heard of anyone eating a Tide Pod. The government wants to change Tide Pods but will do nothing about gun control but offer up a few thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers are virtually worthless.

  1. Pretty sad conservatives are more concerned about who uses which bathroom to protect kids, but arent at all concerned with who buys guns despite the number of kids that have died because of guns.

  2. It’s so sad thatour elected officials who are supposed to represent the people only represent the companies and businesses that buy them. Vote out the 214 Republicans and the 5 Democrats that have taken money from NRA.

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