Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper have vastly different opinions on Nunes FBI memo

jordan klepper trevor noah nunas fbi memo

The central claim of Devin Nunes’ FBI memo was that the FBI did not disclose Christopher Steele’s partisan interest in his infamous dossier, but over the weekend, it was revealed that the FBI did, indeed, note Steele’s bias in a footnote.

On Monday’s Daily Show and The Opposition, Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper took vastly different stances on the memo, just like Republicans are now doing.

“Here’s the thing: If you’re truly devoted to the Church of Trump, then you know that the memo’s true reason for being is to discredit the FBI,” Noah said. “Which is why the words of the memo mean much less than the spirit of the memo.” Of course, Sean Hannity still acted “like this memo is everything megafans hoped for” even though it seems “the memo was a dud.”

After acting like the memo was indeed a “dud,” Jordan Klepper took up the Hannity train of thought, pulling his audience back in to declare it “a huge success.”

“There are only two courts that matter: food and public opinion — and this memo is dominating the court of public opinion,” Klepper said, going on to say, “Have I said ‘memo’ enough times for you to forget that Donald Trump is suspected of collusion?” he asked. “Good! That’s the whole point. But why stop at memos? … I bet Devin Nunes has a Post-It note somewhere that we can milk for weeks.”


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