Late night hosts cover Super Bowl aftermath in Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl on Sunday and the city almost didn’t survive the celebration.

On Monday’s late night shows, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, and Trevor Noah all reacted to the wild riots that erupted in Philadelphia following the Super Bowl win.

“There was so much fire and crying, for a second I thought I was watching This is Us,” said Colbert. “The people of Philadelphia weren’t just happy taking down the New England Patriots, but also their longtime nemesis: the city of Philadelphia.”

People in Philadelphia climbed the gates of city hall, tore down street lamps, and destroyed stores. At one point, a man even stood on a police van as it drove through the crowd. “It got so crazy that the police were left powerless? Poor police,” Trevor Noah said. “They were like, ‘We couldn’t do anything. They were white.’”


  1. I saw the Grateful Dead in Philly in 1987. That stadium full of Deadheads was the cleanest thing I saw there & it smelled much better than the rest of the city, which seemed to be mostly traffic jams & garbage trucks.

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