Late night goes live after State of the Union with fresh takes on Trump’s address

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Donald Trump addressed the nation Tuesday night, and while the opposition party was busy crafting their rebuttal, late night staffers were crafting their jokes.

In live shows following the address, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Jordan Klepper reacted to Trump’s State of the Union. “We are live right now, and barely conscious after a 90-minute speech,” Colbert joked on the Late Show.

Colbert commented on numerous clips from the speech. After Trump’s speech on energy, Colbert wondered, “Seriously, sir, war on ‘clean coal’? You can’t start or end a war on something that does not exist. ‘Soon, we will end our wars on Sasquatches, unicorns, and moderate Republicans.'”

Noah was first to go live, so The Daily Show didn’t have much time to craft a response, but Trevor managed to mock Trump’s bigger talking points, like the recent tax bill. “Now, look, needless to say, like most of Trump’s ‘biggest things,’ these tax cuts were not in fact the biggest tax cuts in American history — this is a lie, it’s nowhere near it,” he said. “But this wasn’t a night for facts. … Tonight was all about celebrating President Trump. And he was in such a good mood that he even reached across the aisle, and not just to grope someone.”

Of course, Jordan Klepper chimed in with unmatched support for his fearless leader. “The State of the Union is a big event,” said Klepper. “It’s like the Grammys, but less political.” And Jimmy Kimmel, meanwhile, filmed later, and had time to craft a monologue response without going live. He noted, “His approval rating is below 40 percent. And that was before his speech preempted a new episode of ‘This Is Us.’”

Watch all of the State of the Union responses below.


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