Trevor Noah calls out Hillary Clinton for sexual abuse cover-up

trevor noah hillary clinton sexual abuse cover-up

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah called out Hillary Clinton for hypocrisy after it was revealed she helped cover up a sexual abuse scandal in her own 2008 campaign.

Trevor began by recapping the Grammys and Hillary Clinton’s cameo, but he then turned to Clinton’s latest controversy. “Last night’s theme was #MeToo, #TimesUp,” Trevor said, “which is a message Hillary Clinton found herself on the wrong side of over the weekend.”

Clinton apparently decided against firing a top advisor accused of harassment during the campaign, and chose instead to place him on temporary leave and reassign his accuser.

“Look, there’s a few areas that I don’t necessarily expect Hillary Clinton to nail it,” Noah remarked. “Managing emails, visiting Wisconsin, you know, weaknesses. But I won’t lie, I expected standing up for a woman on her staff to be one of her strengths.”

“It feels like Hillary’s not only trying to dodge all the blame, she wants to present herself as having always been on this woman’s side, which doesn’t fly,” offered Noah, “because not only did the woman get reassigned, but this guy, Burns Strider, he went on to get another job in Democratic politics—where he got fired for doing the same thing to other women. So you could argue that if Hillary had fired him, she would have been protecting many women, instead of just herself.”


  1. I know she was light years better than Trump, but I wish we had put a progressive leader on the ticket. I had no other choice but to vote for her, but it was not a happy moment in my voting life.

  2. I have ceased caring about Hillary blah, blah, blah. There is a maniac traitor in the White House who is leading the destruction of our democracy, and our planet. She is a private citizen, powerless in this debacle. We are only feeding the righteousness of 45 and his base with this crap.

  3. How hilarious, HRC wasn’t perfect (neither she, nor, any of her supporters has said she was), has “feet of clay,” voted, in the Senate almost exactly like Bernie, but, isn’t progressive enough, defeated Cretin 45 by almost 3 million votes, is not in office, and, gets dissed by a TV guy, wow. Let’s beat this dead horse some more while the GOP leads this nation into the bowels of hell.

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