‘You are awful’: Seth Meyers tears into Trump for insulting McCabe’s wife

seth meyers andrew mccabe trump fbi director

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe announced Monday that he would immediately resign from his post, despite being up for retirement in March. McCabe has been criticized by Republicans because his wife is a Democratic politician.

On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at recent news about Trump’s relationship with the FBI, including reports that he insulted McCabe’s wife.

McCabe’s wife, Jill, ran for State Senate in Virginia as a Democrat, and after she lost, Trump’s reportedly told McCabe to ask her what it feels like to be a loser.

“You told him to ask his wife what it’s like to be a loser?!” Meyers asked. “You should ask your wife what it’s like to be married to one!”

“Awful,” Meyers scoffed. “You are awful.”

Meanwhile, news surfaced that Trump wanted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last year, but was dissuaded by White House counsel Don McGhan, who threatened to quit.

“Why would Donald Trump do this?” Meyers asked. “Why does he keep going out of his way to interfere with the investigation?”

“One, he’s guilty. Or two, he asked the FBI director for a pledge of loyalty, he asked him to stop his investigation into Michael Flynn, fired the FBI director, admitted he fired him because of the Russia investigation, bragged to the Russians that he did it because of the Russia investigation, pressured the attorney general not to recuse himself, pressured the heads of the intelligence agencies to intervene and tried to fire the special counsel who took over the Russia investigation…because he’s innocent?” Probably. Watch below for more.


  1. Only a deplorable bully-baby low-life acts like this…but…a president? What a surreal absurd joke. It’s time for trump voter’s, en masse, to apologize to America and admit their humongous blunder. And to vow, never again.

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