Samantha Bee unloads on #MeToo backlash, weighs in on Aziz Ansari

samantha bee aziz ansari #metoo

The #MeToo movement was forced to confront its first major critics recently after many chocked an Aziz Ansari exposé up to a “bad date” rather than a movement-worthy sexual assault. However, Samantha Bee isn’t having it with the backlash.

On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Sam Bee tore into critics of the #MeToo movement who fear it’s lumping together rapists with men who harass or subject women to “bad sex.”

“We know the difference between a rapist, a workplace harasser and an Aziz Ansari,” Bee declared. “That doesn’t mean we have to be happy about any of them.”

As Bee pointed out, many of the critics are men who don’t want to be involved in a “witch hunt.” But Bee’s point is that the movement isn’t about them, it’s about the women who finally have a voice. “What many fail to understand is that it doesn’t have to be rape to ruin your life, and it doesn’t have to ruin your life to be worth speaking out about. Any type of sexual harassment or coercion is unacceptable.”


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