Trevor Noah reveals Trump’s mixed messages on immigration

trevor noah immigration donald trump

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah looked at President Trump’s changing stance on immigration as he looks to remove DACA protection from America’s many “Dreamers.” Trump held a bipartisan meeting with Republicans and Democrats to decide how to move forward.

“While both sides want DACA, there’s a ‘clean’ DACA and then there’s DACA with everything else,” Noah said, “and if you were running a high-level negotiation about DACA, this would be a key concept to understand. But if I told you there was one person in the room who didn’t quite understand, I’ll bet you can guess who it was.”

“While President ‘Bill of Love’ puts on a show for the cameras, behind the scenes his administration is kicking out 200,000 people who have lived in the U.S. legally for decades.”

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