Trevor Noah says Trump is getting ‘dictator-y’ with the Justice Department

trevor noah daily show donald trump justice department

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in between his tweetings and cheeseburgers, Donald Trump has been saying some pretty dictator-y things,” Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show Tuesday.

President Trump recently said he has “the absolute right to do what I want with the Justice Department,” and as Trevor explained, Trump is apparently angry with Jeff Sessions over the Russia investigation.

“In President Trump’s mind, the attorney general is his personal attorney — that’s what he thinks. Instead of recusing himself from Russia, he wanted Jeff Sessions to basically be his pint-sized Johnny Cochran, just walking around, like: ‘He’s a good dude, he did not collude. If the sheets have no pee, the man must go free.'”


  1. Drop the gun and no one gets hurt. Trevor, are you trigger happy? It’s just a thought. I don’t care too much for peeping toms and they are all about my home in forms I had no idea they could come in.

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