Stephen Colbert mocks Trump’s ‘master negotiator skills’ after latest Mexico wall update

stephen colbert late show mexico border wall donald trump

Congress will shut down the government in a couple weeks if they can’t strike an agreement on immigration and the Mexico border wall.

“The stakes are high,” said Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s Late Show.ย “If the two sides can’t find a compromise, the federal government is going to shut down on Jan. 20 โ€” or as historians call it, one year too late.”

Colbert went on to mock Trump’s negotiating skills as his plans for the Mexico wall continue to be reduced. Now, he is saying the wall won’t even need to be that extensive, due to rivers and mountains.ย “We all remember the famous chant from the Trump campaign rallies,” Colbert said. “Build the Wall! Unless the local terrain provides sufficient enough protection and can act as a natural wall proxy! MAGA!”


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