Trevor Noah reacts to Trump’s ‘stable genius’ claim

trevor noah michael wolff donald trump stable genius

In response to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury portraying him as childish and dumb, President Trump called himself a “stable genius” on Twitter over the weekend and said he’s “like, really smart.”

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah mocked Trump for the “stable genius” claim, but made a point that the statement was not completely off base.

“I guess Trump is stable. I mean, look at his life: Twitter, golf, bedtime, cheeseburger, fall asleep, do it again. He’s the only thing that hasn’t changed since he became president. If anything, Trump is stable and he’s made everyone else unstable.”

Noah played clips of Republicans defending the president. “Look, I guess what the Republicans are saying is this: Yes, Donald Trump was a deranged lunatic unfit to be president, but once he won the electoral college, then he became a stable genius. Because everyone knows, nothing turns a man sane like absolute power.”


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