Late night hosts react to ‘Oprah 2020’

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The Golden Globes were Sunday night, and while Seth Meyers did an admirable job as host, Oprah stole the show with a rousing speech about women’s rights in light of the #MeToo movement and the show of solidarity from Hollywood women for all those who have been subjected to sexual harassment.

On Monday’s late night shows, Noah, Colbert, Kimmel, Corden, and Fallon all reacted to calls for an Oprah 2020 presidential run.

“I can see how Oprah seems like the perfect opponent for Donald Trump,” said Trevor Noah the Daily Show. “I mean, she’s everything that he’s not. She’s black, she’s a woman, she likes to read. They’re the complete opposite. I bet if we looked into it, we would find out that Donald Trump once repossessed 100 people’s cars.”

“Did anybody see last night’s episode of ‘Oprah’?” asked Colbert on the Late Show. “It was so great. Now, some people are calling it the Golden Globes.”

“People were immediately calling that speech ‘presidential.’ And a year ago, I would have agreed. But these days, it plays a little coherent.”

“Can you imagine Oprah as president?” asked James Corden on the Late Late Show. “I mean, you thought Bernie Sanders wanted to give a lot of stuff away. ‘You get health insurance! You get health insurance! You don’t get deported! You don’t get deported! You won’t get deported!’”

“But this could be a big story,” said Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. “In fact, two of Oprah’s close friends said that she’s thinking about running in 2020. While two of Trump’s close friends said, ‘Please don’t refer to us as ‘Trump’s close friends.’”

“Team Trump said, ‘We welcome the challenge, whether it be Oprah Winfrey or anybody else.’ Preferably anybody else,” Kimmel joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “I mean, Trump’s approval rating right now, I don’t think he could beat Maury Povich for president, never mind Oprah.”

Of course, Jordan Klepper had to have his two cents, too, about the “Golden Globalists.” Watch below for the latest from the Opposition host.


  1. She’s also a billionaire who has been mostly silent about T-rump, McConnell, and Lyin’ Ryan. In fact, Oprah was oddly low key about T-rump’s remarks about the “good” white supremacists; and she hasn’t appeared to mind the recent tax break for corporations and the very rich, the erosion of health care and threats to Social Security. In fact, for all Oprah’s up-with-women speech she overlooks her buddy T-rump’s “grab ’em by the pussy hairs” philosophy. I’m skeptical about her. There are women, such as Elizabeth Warren, who need to be considered before a TV star. (Say, wasn’t T-rump a TV star?)

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