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Colbert, Kimmel, Meyers roast FCC over net neutrality repeal

It was fun while it lasted, internet.

The FCC voted along party lines this week to repeal net neutrality, which protected the free internet. On Thursday’s late night shows, Colbert, Meyers, Kimmel and more ripped into the FCC and chairman Ajit Pai for selling the internet to big business.

“Uh, anybody here use the internet?” Colbert asked his Late Show audience. “It’s a sad day for us web-ka-teers, us internauts.” He explained that the repeal would open up regulations so internet service providers could slow down certain sites. “And that’s wrong. The only thing that should slow your internet speed is the number of people also sitting at Starbucks working on their screenplays.”

“Of course Republicans would favor an open internet,” Seth Meyers said on Late Night. “Otherwise, they’d have to get their news from newspapers and CNN instead of Facebook group ‘Patriot Eagle MAGA 1776.'”

“They did this even though 83 percent of Americans support net neutrality, and two million of the people who supposedly wrote to the FCC to oppose it were bogus,” Jimmy Kimmel explained. “Many of them turned out to be dead people — someone stole the identities of dead people — to help push this through.”

“So now, we have to hope Congress agrees to vote on and reverse it,” Kimmel continued. “So, thank you, President Trump – thanks to you and this jackhole you appointed to run the FCC – big corporations are about to take control of the Internet.”


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