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Roy Moore gets farewell late night treatment from Colbert, Meyers, Bee and more

"If there ever was an act of God, this is it."

For weeks, late night hosts ripped into Roy Moore as the accused sexual predator got closer and closer to becoming a U.S. Senator. But on Tuesday, Alabama put a stop to all of that by voting Democrat Doug Jones into office.

On Wednesday’s late night shows, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and more gave their final thoughts on the hyper-partisan election.

“The truth is, in this race, nobody really paid attention to Doug Jones,” Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show. “The only question was: Who is Alabama gonna choose? An accused pedophile or a person allowed to babysit?”

“It is the best gift ever given on the first night of Hanukkah — you’re welcome, Roy Moore’s Jewish lawyer,” Colbert joked on the Late Show. “Thank you, black voters. It is the best thing African Americans have done for Alabama since they built it for free.”

In his “Closer Look” on Late Night, Seth Meyers reacted to Trump’s conciliatory tweet acknowledging Doug Jones’ victory. “There is no way Donald Trump wrote that tweet. He probably went to the bathroom and forgot his phone, and somebody said, This is our chance, write something decent!”

Moore has not conceded the loss yet, and has said he’s waiting for a sign from God that he should bow out. “My man, you’re waiting to see what God is going to say? Alabama, after 25 years, just went Democrat. If there ever was an act of God, this is it. … If I was God, I’d be so pissed at Roy Moore, I’d be like, ‘Yo, dude, I gave you the biggest sign — I literally parted a red sea!.'”


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