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Amber Ruffin, Dulce Sloan explain how black women saved America from Roy Moore

"When you're done thanking us, why don't you try voting for us and putting a few of us in office so we can run this s—t."

Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race. The Republican sexual predator lost because 98% of black women and 93% of black men who went to the polls in Alabama on Tuesday voted for Doug Jones.

On Tuesday’s Late Night and Daily Show, Amber Ruffin and Dulce Sloan both explained how black women in Alabama saved America from Roy Moore.

“Roy Moore was a well-known anti-gay, anti-Muslim, racist pedophile (allegedly),” Ruffin said. “P.S.: You know that’s why Omarosa got fired today,” Ruffin joked about Omarosa’s ouster. “Trump was like, ‘You promised me the black lady vote,’ and she was probably like, ‘I don’t know any!'”

On Twitter, “everyone was writing ‘Thank you, black women,'” Ruffin observed, “and that is cool, but when you’re done thanking us, why don’t you try voting for us and putting a few of us in office so we can run this shit.”

“You’re welcome, white people, you’re welcome,” Dulce Sloan said. Trevor asked if she voted in Alabama, “No, I didn’t, but do you have another black woman on this show you can thank? So, on behalf of all black women, I’m taking a victory lap.”

Sloan also suggested America show some gratitude by “changing the laws to make it easier for us to vote, or sing our praises by giving us raises, or at the very least, cancel winter — you know only white people like snow.”

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