Kimmel and Colbert mock Roy Moore’s new interview with a 12-year-old girl

“Maybe it’s me, but if you aren’t allowed to set foot inside a Hot Topic store, you shouldn’t be allowed in the Senate of the United States,” said Jimmy Kimmel Monday night of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused by nine women of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers.

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert reacted to a video of Roy Moore being interviewed by a 12-year-old girl.

“A group that backs President Trump sent a 12-year-old girl to interview Roy Moore — for real,” Kimmel said. “I don’t know if the idea was to prove he could sit next to a young girl without hitting on her, but in any event, with this young lady at least, Judge Moore was a perfect gentleman.”

Kimmel showed the clip, but doctored the end to show Moore standing in his underwear. “Obviously we faked that, but if he had done it, they’d still defend him.”

“Roy Moore supporters spent the weekend going door to door, just like Roy Moore has to do when he moves into a new neighborhood,” Colbert joked on the Late Show.

“This is the worst matchup for an interview since they sent that honey-glazed ham to interview Chris Christie,” he said of the interview. Yet, Republicans continue to support Moore despite the allegations. “They both have a deep love of country — the country’s Russia, but still.”

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