‘Nobody likes Democrats’: Michael Che mocks Dems for trying to look good by forcing Al Franken out

Democrats forced Sen. Al Franken to announce his resignation this week after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is leading his race despite being accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

On SNLs Weekend Update this week, Michael Che called out Democrats for trying to look like the moral party by forcing Franken out.

“Senator Al Franken announced his resignation this week, in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, and yet Uncle Bad Touch is up four points in Alabama,” Che explained, of Moore.

“You see, the Democrats hold themselves to a higher standard to anyone else. Which is why they always lose.”

“Democrats hope by forcing Al Franken to step down, they will paint themselves as the party of the moral high ground. Calm down, Democrats, you’re still politicians. You’re the party of morality the same way Don Jr. is the handsome Trump brother.”

“Nobody actually likes you. Nobody likes Democrats. Nobody’s at a party, like, ‘Yo, you know who I wish was here? Nancy Pelosi. She’s dope.’”

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