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Michael Che goes undercover as a liberal white woman named Gretchen

“Hold my Warbys.”

Michael Che is an outspoken comic, so he gets a lot of grief from outspoken commenters. He revealed this week that most of his critics are “liberal white women,” presumably offered on behalf of everyone else.

On this week’s SNL, Che decided to get into the minds of his critics by going undercover as a liberal white woman.

“It worked! Everyone saw me as a liberal white woman,” Che said. In one bit, his female friends were talking about Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, and Che piped in, “I don’t mean no disrespect — I just feel like the monarchy is patriarchy.”

With catchphrases like “Hold my Warbys” and “Word to Lululemon,” Che did his part to combat mansplaining.

“I learned a lot,” Che concluded. “I learned the sometimes women can be really mean to each other … and sometimes they just get random money in the mail from their dads.”

“They want the same thing: equality, respect, and wine in the daytime with no shame.”

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