Stephen Colbert cheers #MeToo ‘Silence Breakers,’ blasts Al Franken after latest accusation

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TIME Magazine announced Wednesday that its Person of the Year for 2017 is all of the “silence breakers” who have used the #MeToo movement to call out sexual assaulters this year, “which means that everyone who still subscribes to magazines just learned what a hashtag is,” Stephen Colbert joked.

On Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert celebrated the #MeToo victims for coming forward…and for beating Donald Trump, who came in second in Time’s voting.

“Really a great choice. Though, a movement where sexual assault survivors are actually believed shouldn’t be on the cover of Time; it should be on the cover of It’s About Damn Time,” Colbert exclaimed.

“It seems like every day a new man is being accused of sexual misconduct—but not today,” said Colbert. “Today it’s the same man: Minnesota senator—and former Minnesota senator—Al Franken.” Colbert then covered the recent accusations against Franken.

“Now, Franken says ‘this allegation is categorically not true,’ but this accusation appears to be the straw that groped the camel’s back.” Watch the clip below for more.


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