Samantha Bee slams ‘shitty media men,’ looks back on how they treated Hillary Clinton

Numerous men in media have now been outed as sexual assaulters, including Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer. Both men interviewed Hillary Clinton during her campaign and neither interview went as smoothly as they could have.

On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee skewered “shitty media men,” including Harvey Weinstein, who had a personal relationship with Hillary Clinton.

“Just today, we learned more about the network of powerful people who turned a blind eye to Harvey Weinstein’s demonic behavior—including powerful people who should really, really, really, really know better. Really,” said Bee.

“Oh, my admiration for you is so complicated!” Bee said of Clinton. “Maybe she actually did have a stroke in the specific part of her brain that identifies shitty men.”

Bee then launched into her indictment of the media men who treated Clinton, well, like they treated other women. “Virtually every man who ever expressed an opinion about her in front of a camera turned out to be a huge creep.”

“It’s time to ask ourselves: Can men who hate women be objective journalists? That was a trick question! Everybody knows that men who hate women can be anything they put their minds to,” she said, referring to Trump. Watch the clip below for more.

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