Trevor Noah slams “morally degenerate” GOP for backing Roy Moore

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The Republican establishment is still supporting Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore despite the fact that nine women have now come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers.

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah tore into the GOP for supporting Roy Moore and turning a blind eye to the accusations.

Trump’s actually backed Moore’s opponent in the GOP primary. “Back then, Moore’s reputation was as a Bible-thumping defender of Christian values. But then the sexual misconduct stuff comes out and Trump’s like, ‘My man!'”

Trevor then described how Trump has affected the GOP by forcing them to support men like Moore. “I realized that essentially, Donald Trump has set the Republican Party free,” Noah said. “He’s basically their Christian Grey, that’s what he is. He’s the playboy billionaire who came along and was like, ‘I’m going to show you Republicans who you really are deep down on the inside.'”


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