Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert rips Trump for continuing support of Roy Moore

"I'm from South Carolina, and that is why our state motto is 'Hey, We're Not Alabama.'"

Nine women have now accused Roy Moore of inappropriate sexual behavior when they were teenagers, “but the president is standing by his man for a simple reason.” They don’t want a liberal Democrat in Alabama.

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert ripped into Trump and his fellow Republicans who continue to support Roy Moore for Senate.

“Yes, we want stopping crime, we just not want stopping sexual assault,” Colbert said, mocking Trump. Moore reacted to Trump’s continued support by tweeting, “I look forward to fighting alongside the president to #MAGA.”

“That’s the sound teenage girls make when they see Roy Moore at the mall,” said Colbert. “MAGAAAH!”

Moore’s chief strategist, Dean Young, defended his history of dating teenage girls by saying he wouldn’t ask a girl her age if he already had her mom’s permission to date her. “I’m from South Carolina,” Colbert said, “and that is why our state motto is ‘Hey, We’re Not Alabama.'”

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