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Patton Oswalt as Roy Moore brings fresh campaign slogans to Jimmy Fallon

"Look at my cowboy hat! I'm like Billy the Kid Molester."

Patton Oswalt dressed up as Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and dropped by The Tonight Show Tuesday to talk with Jimmy Fallon about his new campaign slogans.

Moore has been accused by nine women of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers and he was a 30-something year old man. Despite the accusations, Trump and the establishment GOP support Moore for the Senate. Oswalt, as Moore, went on Fallon to try to distance himself from the president.

“Thank you for let do this via satellite, Jimmy. I’m not allowed anywhere near the Rockefeller Christmas tree,” Oswalt remarked.

When asked how he felt about Trump’s endorsement, Oswalt’s Moore said, “Well, I’m shocked. These are some serious and disturbing allegations against Donald Trump and frankly I do not want to be associated with this fella at all.”

When Jimmy informed Moore that he was the one facing allegations, Moore said, “Look at my cowboy hat! I’m like Billy the Kid Molester.”

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