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Jordan Klepper warns of a sweeping gun law moving through Congress

Shhh! This is #JustBetweenUs. Don't tell the liberals they can call 202-224-3121 to contact their reps about the "National Carry Reciprocity Act!"

Jordan Klepper plays an alt-right conspiracy theorist on TV, but his ironic facade often masks a righteous anger, especially when he discusses gun control, an issue Klepper frequently covered while on The Daily Show.

On Monday’s The Opposition, Klepper declared that “gun rights are stronger than ever” as he sarcastically tried to keep his liberal audience from doing anything about it.

Jordan first suggested that guns control was working, then went to a fake commercial break to get rid of the liberals and came back to talk just to his conservative audience about a law in Congress that would advance gun reciprocity.

“Gun reciprocity means if you’re allowed to carry a gun in your state, you’re allowed to do it in any other state — and 12 states don’t have any restrictions other than the minimum federal requirements,” Klepper said. “Live in those states, it’s awesome — any day could turn into a Die Hard movie. Wyoming is like 85 percent Bruce Willises.”

“Gun advocates are gun-racking up wins all over, no matter what the libs are celebrating,” Klepper said.

“Remember, this whole thing is just between us,” Klepper reiterated to his “conservative” audience. “Don’t let any of those pomegranate-juicing liberals hear about reciprocity, and especially don’t let them call this one number which will connect them to their representatives so they can weigh in on the National Carry Reciprocity Act.”

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