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Seth Meyers tears into ‘creepy’ Charlie Rose after sexual assault accusations

“No one wants to accept this Rose.”

Another week, yet another round of sexual assault accusations. This time the culprit was PBS and CBS host Charlie Rose, who has been fired from his shows after numerous sexual harassment allegations.

On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers reacted to the news of Charlie Rose’s firing by laying into the ‘creepy’ old man, after first breaking down Donald Trump’s most recent defense of Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“Good lord,” Meyers said. “Usually when someone that old is walking around naked, a couple of male nurses lead him right back to his room.”

“If your face isn’t pulling in the babes, your penis isn’t going to make the difference,” Meyers remarked, giving advice to men like Rose. “Everybody’s penis is one-hundred percent less attractive than their face. Women don’t love the penis. If they love the man, they’ll tolerate the penis.”

Apparently Rose was known to greet women wearing an open bathrobe, and Meyers is ready to do away with bathrobes altogether. “You never hear a positive news story involving a bathrobe,” he said.

“It’s never, ‘Family of four pulled from burning house by man in bathrobe.’ It is always, ‘Some creep was creeping it up in a creepy, fucking bathrobe.’”

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