Meyers, Colbert react to Trump’s LaVar Ball beef: ‘The feud we’ve been waiting for’

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Over the weekend, President Trump began a feud with the father of a college basketball player. Of course, that father was the boisterous LaVar Ball, and it seems Donald Trump may have met his match.

On Monday’s late shows, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers reacted to the feud after Trump helped persuade the Chinese government to release Ball’s son LiAngelo and other members of his UCLA basketball team who were arrested for shop lifting.

When asked to comment on Trump’s assistance, LaVar said, “Who?” which is the worst thing you can say about Donald Trump.

“Pretending not to know him is the meanest thing you can do to Donald Trump,” Colbert said on the Late Show. “Knowing who he is, is his whole thing.”

“This is the feud we’ve been waiting for,” exclaimed Seth Meyers on Late Night. “This isn’t Marco Rubio trying to win at Donald Trump’s game. Donald Trump’s game is LaVar Ball’s game.”


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