Samantha Bee fires off on Roy Moore and Louis C.K.

lanx samantha bee roy moore louis c.k.

The two major sex scandals that dominated the news cycle this week came from different worlds, but Samantha Bee did not make the distinction between Washington and Hollywood when firing off against sexual harassers Roy Moore and Louis C.K.

“It’s difficult to hear about these women’s accounts,” Bee said on Wednesday’s Full Frontal of Roy Moore’s penchant for teenage girls. “But I bet if R. Kelly put a sick beat under it we’d dance to it! Some sex monsters are still weirdly tolerated.”

After going off on Roy Moore, Bee took the time to address the allegations against “critically acclaimed pervert” Louis C.K. “Each community needs to kick out its own creeps,” she said, “whether that’s politics, entertainment or whatever the fuck you call Steven Seagal’s profession. And it’s hard, especially when those people have the ability to hire us, fire us or presumably have us murdered by Russian mobsters.”

Bee concluded by addressing the people of Alabama. “If you want to prove that your lovely state is better than liberal, sex-crazed Hollywood, the voter registration deadline for the special election is November 27th. Please prove all of us Yankee assholes wrong about you.”


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