Meyers, Colbert and more roast Donald Trump Jr. for secret Wikileaks chat

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On Monday’s late night shows, Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at Donald Trump Jr’s secret Twitter messages with Wikileaks while Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel mocked president’s son.

Don Jr. is the dumbest member of a family in which there is stiff competition,” Meyers said on Late Night. “That family still hasn’t finished a game of Trivial Pursuit they started in 1988.”

“One thing the campaign has been consistent and adamant about: they had absolutely no contact with WikiLeaks,” said Colbert on the Late Show. “It’s an insulting question! And you can take that to the bank — because I think that’s where they met with WikiLeaks.”

“My favorite part of the story is his is first response to WikiLeaks,” a response that started with “Off the record,” Kimmel said. “Now, this is WikiLeaks. If the word ‘leaks’ is right in the name, there’s no ‘off the record’ with them.”


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