Seth Meyers thinks Roy Moore has always been ‘unfit for office’

After a report last week revealed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had inappropriate relationships with teenage women when he was in his 30s, another accuser has come forward with allegations of assault against the Republican Senate hopeful.

On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers tore into Roy Moore and those on the right who continue to defend him.

The most recent accuser showed her high school yearbook, which was signed “Roy Moore, D.A.” As Meyers noted, “When you’re a 30-year-old signing a 16-year-old’s yearbook, the D.A. stands for ‘dis asshole right here.’”

“Not only are the accounts from Moore’s accusers credible and supported by more than 30 sources, but the people who know Moore have since come forward to corroborate the fact that Moore liked to date teen girls,” Meyers explained.

“But let’s not forget that even before these revelations, Moore was deeply unfit for office,” Meyers said. “He disobeyed court rulings, said 9/11 was God’s punishment for sodomy, believes homosexual behavior should be illegal and said Muslims should be barred from serving in Congress. And now he’s accused of molesting a child. This should be a no brainer.”

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