Jordan Klepper visits Puerto Rico to check in on Trump’s ‘trickle-down responsibility’

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President Trump declared his trip to Puerto Rico after it was devastated by hurricanes a “10 out of 10.” So Jordan Klepper went to Puerto Rico for Monday’s episode of The Opposition to check in on the relief effort he jokingly claims Trump inspired.

As he talked to San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and other Puerto Ricans, Klepper decided the relief effort was more like a 6.5, but “if you round up, that’s a 10, baby!”

“I think I’m starting to put it together,” Klepper said as he saw the relief effort. “When Donald Trump said it was a 10, he wasn’t talking about his response, he was talking about the response he inspired.”

“See, he’s always thinking a couple of steps ahead, so many steps, often, he’s behind. Something I like to call ‘trickle-down responsibility’ — people in the community, well then they’re the ones who step up, they come together and they fix the problems, they move forward as a people and thus become that much more united. And we all know, Donald Trump, he’s a uniter.”


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