SNL goes after Roy Moore in cold open

This week, multiple women accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of trying to seduce them when they were teenagers, including a woman who was 14 when Moore was in his early 30s.

Saturday Night Live opened the show this week by condemning Moore while taking jabs at Louis C. K. and Kevin Spacey.

“I don’t have to tell you that the Senate hangs in the balance,” Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence said to Mieky Day’s Roy Moore. “We’re trying to pass a tax-reform plan this year to bring Mr. Trump’s list of big legislative accomplishments to one. We can’t lose your seat this December. I know you’re Bannon’s guy but this latest news about you is concerning. Voters in Alabama will never elect someone who’s had relations with a minor.”

“You sure about that?” Moore asked. “No,” responded Pence. “Alabama is quite a place. But we can’t take chances.”

Kate McKinnon then emerged from a cabinet as Jeff Sessions to have a private talk with a stuffed possum. Watch the clip below for more. “There’s so many men out there,” she said, “acting like monsters. Mr. Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, the president. Daddy, has this been happening forever? Have I both fostered and benefited from a culture of systemic oppression? No? Well, that’s a relief.”

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