Samantha Bee gives impassioned plea for gun control with help from a gospel choir

On Sunday, a shooter in Texas walked into a church and killed 26 people. Samantha Bee has had enough, and like many other Americans, she is tired of hearing Republican politicians say that it’s too soon to talk about gun control while offering “thoughts and prayers” as a means to end the discussion.

On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Bee politicized the issue with an impassioned call for Congress to do more than just pray.

The shooter this time was stopped by a “good guy with a gun,” but as Bee said, that is not always the case, and it certainly didn’t stop the shooting from happening in the first place.

“Thank God there was a good guy nearby, but Devin Kelley still shot nearly every person in that church,” she remarked.

“In our country today, a lot more good guys are getting stopped by guns, not to mention good women, good children, good grandparents, good teachers, good country fans, and good Christians.”

“We’ll never eliminate gun violence from our society but there are practical steps we can take to slow it down, we just need Congress to step up.”

“America appreciates your thoughts and prayers, but we need more than that. So, while you all are praying for God’s help, all we can do is pray for yours.”

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