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Late night hosts recap Tuesday’s election wins for Democrats

“That’s the problem with making everything about you, sir. It means everything—even losing, is about you. That’s the downside of narcissism.”

Tuesday brought the first real look at Trump’s limited power of influence over the American people as Democrats won big in state and local elections, in many cases defeating far-right Republicans pushing the Trumpian style of political divisiveness.

On Wednesday, late night hosts like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers reported on the big election night for Democrats as Trump distanced himself from candidates he backed.

“Well folks, one year ago today, Donald Trump was elected president,” Colbert began on the Late Show. “Yesterday, Democrats commemorated this anniversary by kicking Trump’s ass, using his arch enemy: the popular vote.”

On Late Night, Seth Meyers mocked the Democrats a bit. “Even before the results came in last night, Democrats were certain they didn’t have a chance — which, of course, is how you know they actually had a chance,” Meyers said. “They won, but at least the Democrats were wrong again.”

Trevor Noah used some of his Daily Show segment to roast Fox News coverage of the election. “When you put it all together — the Democratic landslides, the victories for refugees, trans people, people of color — it was a horrible night for people like Sean Hannity, which you can tell by how much time he spent covering all of the results on his hour-long show.”

James Corden: “Trump waited a full 28 minutes before he distanced himself” from Ed Gillespie, “He’s like the Domino’s Pizza of backstabbing. He’ll betray you in 30 minutes or less.”

Meanwhile, Jordan Klepper had a different election to celebrate.


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