Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert roasts Don Jr. for telling Virginians to vote a day late


“It’s Election Day—just not the one we wish it was,” said Stephen Colbert Tuesday night. “Either way, I am planning to uphold the Election Day tradition I started last year: getting a very close look at my carpet through an empty liquor bottle. One year tomorrow.”

One of the big elections was the Virginia governor race where Trump favorite Ed Gillespie lost, possibly because the president’s son got the date wrong. On Tuesday’s Late Show, Colbert mocked Don Jr. for tweets urging Virginians to vote Wednesday.

“Which is a fine thing to tweet, except the election was today—not tomorrow #whoopsiedaisy #turnsoutericwasthesmartone,” Colbert said Tuesday.

“Now, Don Jr. later repeated his mistake, tweeting a second time that Virginia voters should cast a ballot for Gillespie a day late,” said Colbert. “But then, realizing his mistake, he went back and… screwed it up again, because a few hours later he tweeted” a message telling them to “Vote Tody.”

“This is rapidly devolving. I’m assuming his next tweet is gonna be, ‘Please vote for Ted Galoshes for Gov of Vagina! Also somebody help—I got my head stuck in my pocket!’”


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