Seth Meyers checks in on the latest from Trump’s ‘best people’

President Trump claims to hire the “best people,” but on Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers checked in on some of those people, including Sam Clovis, who Trump unsuccessfully nominated to be chief scientist of the Department of Agriculture.

“Who is Sam Clovis and why is he still working for this administration?” Meyers posed.

“Sam Clovis was Trump’s national co-chairman during the presidential campaign. Of course, you may know him as the security guy in every sci-fi film who sees a spaceship and drops his flashlight,” Meyers joked, of Clovis’ appearance.

“But Clovis is just one example in what seems to be a pattern in the type of people Trump nominates and hires,” Meyers remarked. “The only qualification necessary is loyalty to Trump himself.”

Meyers went on to explain that Trump brought on a long-haul truck driver, AT&T clerk, and gas-company meter reader to work for the USDA. “That doesn’t sound doesn’t sound like the leadership of a government agency, it sounds like the cast of Survivor,” Meyers joked. “Or like you’re assembling a team for a shitty bank heist.”

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