Seth Meyers found the best way to get a message to Donald Trump

lanx seth meyers donald trump asia trip

President Donald Trump is on a trip around Asia this week, and he stopped in Japan to hang out with buddy Shinzo Abe over the weekend. The two commemorated the occasion with hats that said “Donald & Shinzo Make Alliance Even Greater.”

On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers decided to use Shinzo Abe’s own methods to get a message to the president.

Meyers realized that Abe had discovered the secret to getting through to Trump. As it turns out, the “only way to communicate effectively with Donald Trump is via hat.”

So Meyers put on a hat with a simple message: “Resign, Donald.”

Watch the clip below for more on Donald Trump’s trip, including a clip that made Meyers say, “if Trump had been taken a polygraph during that answer it would have looked like his signature.”

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