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John Oliver warns Trump playing ‘incompetence’ card on indictments

"We cannot accept ‘The Trump Card.’"

Last Monday, news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller indicted former Trump members of the Trump campaign team, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. The White House downplayed their involvement with the campaign, but John Oliver had some thoughts on that.

On Sunday’s Last Week TonightJohn Oliver exposed President Trump for playing the “Trump card” of his own incompetence to try to distance himself from the accused.

“If you think about Trump’s defense here—which he definitely hasn’t—it’s actually pretty straight, because he’s essentially saying Manafort had already done all this stuff at the time that I, Donald Trump, decided to hire him as my campaign manager, which means one of two things: Either Trump did a background check, discovered his suspicious activity, and didn’t care, or he didn’t so much as Google Manafort before hiring him.”

“The worrying thing here is, it may work for Trump. Because think of what the counterargument may have to be: This is a meticulous man who made strategic decisions fully aware of the consequences of his actions.”

“That can be a tough case to make, but we cannot accept ‘The Trump Card’ as his defense here, because if we do, just think about what we would actually be saying there. We would be saying: Look, this guy is too dumb to really understand what he’s doing, so I guess we have no choice but to let him keep being president. Please, let’s not do that.”

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