Trevor Noah reveals what the Manafort indictments mean for Trump

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On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah explained what the Paul Manafort indictments mean for the Trump administration.

“After Manafort turned himself in this morning, he pled not guilty to all charges — which means, now we could get to see him in court,” Noah said. “And I pray to God that he has to testify, because we already know from the campaign that he is the world’s worst liar.” He showed a clip of Manafort stumbling through a lie.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke for the White House this morning and pointed out that the Manafort indictments don’y directly relate to the Trump camp, but Noah explained, “I don’t know if they’re willfully ignoring it or completely oblivious to what’s going on here.”

“What happened this morning wasn’t just a 12-count indictment. It was Bob Mueller signaling that he’s not just going after collusion, people. He’ll take you down for any crime, including pre-campaign financial crimes — a.k.a., Donald Trump’s career.”


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