Trevor Noah is disappointed in how Trump is handling the opioid crisis

lanx trevor noah opioid crisis trump

“So the opioid crisis is huge and the pharmaceutical industry isn’t really interested in helping,” said Trevor Noah on Thursday’s Daily Show.

“But fortunately my friends, as we saw in August, there’s one man who gets it.” President Trump said months ago that he would deem the opioid crisis a national emergency, and Thursday, “Trump finally came through — give him a round of applause, don’t be haters.”

There’s only one problem. “He declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency — which I just realized is not a thing.”

As Trevor explained, a “national emergency” has access to $23 billion, while a “public health emergency” has access to $57,000. “That’s a huge difference,” Noah remarked.

“Put it this way: If you had to go to rehab, who would you want funding it, the CEO of Verizon, or Craig who works at Verizon?”

Trevor sighed. “This isn’t even one of those days where I’m angry at Trump, I’m just disappointed.”


Caleb is a writer, scholar of satire, and creator of The Lanx. He earned a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley, and M.A. in Literature from Queen Mary University of London, where he focused on satire, satirical propaganda, rhetoric of satire, political cartoons and caricature.


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