Seth Meyers mocks Fox News for ‘slobbering’ over Trump

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers tore into Fox News for obsessing over President Trump while continuing to strike out against Hillary Clinton.

Trump made comments about his great Ivy League education earlier this week and once again claimed to have “one of the great memories of all time.” Meyers reacted, “to be fair, you might also have an inflated ego if there was a whole TV channel dedicated to showering you with praise.”

Meyers cued up clips from Lou Dobbs’ glowing interview with Trump. “Ugh, usually when you see an old dude slobber that much, he has a nurse with him.”

In order to steer away from Trump’s latest issues, Fox News recently grasped at another straw as it dug into allegations Hillary Clinton actually colluded with Russia.

“Fox News would much rather talk about Hillary than Donald Trump,” Meyers said. “That’s because the right in the Trump era doesn’t have coherent principles or an ideology, it just has enemies, which is why they prefer to inhabit an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is president.”

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