Trevor Noah questions Bill O’Reilly’s ‘phony’ defense of sexual assault allegations

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Bill O’Reilly paid out $32 million to silence a sexual assault accuser. $32 million. And yet he still holds that he is innocent.

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah tore into O’Reilly’s defense, citing the obvious holes in his arguments.

“I’m sorry that I’m stuck on this, but it’s just an amazing amount of money to pay out, especially if you’re not guilty,” Noah said.

O’Reilly apparently has “shocking information” that would exonerate him, but he doesn’t want it released because the tabloids would go after his kids.

“So let me get this straight,” Noah remarked. “You have evidence—shocking evidence—that would totally exonerate you. But you’re not going to go to court because it will hurt your kids? As opposed to what’s happening now?”

“You know how phony that sounds, right? ‘I would take this to trial, but the idea of my kids hearing a judge declare me not guilty would be too much for them!’”

O’Reilly eventually blamed God for what was happening to him. So Noah brought out God herself to respond.

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