Stephen Colbert interprets Trump’s feuds with Bob Corker and Jeff Flake

More members of the Republican establishment are speaking out against President Trump now, but they are also leaving him to run the country as yet another Trump opponent has decided to call it quits.

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert reacted to Sen. Jeff Flake’s decision not to seek re-election while lamenting the current state of Washington and firing off on Trump.

“It’s like a new Civil War, except this time neither side is trying to help black people,” Colbert said, of the Republican party’s shake up.

In his speech on the Senate floor Tuesday, Flake said, “Mr. President, I rise today to say enough. I must say that we have fooled ourselves for long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. A return to civility and stability right behind it. We know better than that. Mr. President, I will not be complicit or silent.”

“No, I will be complicit and absent,” Colbert remarked, as Flake announced that he wouldn’t come back for another term.

“First McCain, then Corker, now Flake,” Colbert said. “Why is it that Republicans only speak up against Donald Trump when they know they’re not running for re-election? They finally grow a set, and then they say, ‘I’m taking my balls and going home!’”

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