‘Daily Show’ rips Weinstein, suggests plan to deal with men like him

On their third night in Chicago, The Daily Show made sure they had their say on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault news, after being off air when the report blew up last week.

After first discussing Trump’s plans for the Mexico border wall, Trevor Noah turned his attention to the Hollywood big shot. “I really don’t understand why they’re still going ahead with the wall. Nobody needs it. The only place we should be building a wall is around Harvey Weinstein.”

Since the first report came out, dozens of women have come forward to say Weinstein assaulted or harassed them, including woman who interviewed for a babysitter position. Harvey conducted the interview in his underwear and then hugged her.

“I’m sorry, this guy keeps getting worse and worse. Interviewing somebody in his underwear — how does that even go? What do you say? ‘So, tell me about your strengths.’ ‘Well, I’m really good at not throwing up in my mouth right now.’”

Like Seth Meyers before him, Trevor realized that he was not the best person to discuss the matter, so he stepped aside and correspondent Michelle Wolf took center stage. “If there was two guys at a bar, and one was Harvey Weinstein and the other was Steve Bannon, I’d go home with cyanide.”

Wolf has an idea for how to keep men like Harvey out of positions of power in the business world. Watch the clip to see what that is.

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